CARAIFA - Caribbean Association Of Insurance & Financial Advisors

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Our Social Arm

Our Social Arm

CARAIFA Foundation

Every year CARAIFA focuses on a health condition where we highlight the importance of health awareness and prevention, in the past we focused on diabetes and hypertension. On October 31st of each year, our membership throughout the region joins its efforts with other health groups to high light a health condition, seeking to educate the public at large. We call this day “The Day of Common Concern” and in 2003 CARAIFA started to devote resources to creating a CARAIFA Foundation. The focus of the Foundation is on kidney complications, as we believe that more needs to be known about this disease as figures are showing an increasing number of deaths from kidney complications in our region. Many territories do not have the capacity to treat kidney failure and many of our friends, relatives and clients have to watch helplessly as their relatives slowly and painfully die from kidney complications. Among the most common persons who fall victim to kidney failures, according to medical sources, are those suffering from diabetes, hypertension and/or heart ailments.