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Continuing Education Credits

Continuing Education Credits

For the CLU/ChFC/ChHC programme via The American College refer to the PACE Recertification Programme or contact your member association for more details.

For the LUTCF/FSS/FSCP~~~~CARAIFA has adopted a continuing education programme for LUTCF,FSS and FSCP designees. Continuing Education (CE) is mandatory for all CARAIFA LUTCF, FSS and FSCP designation holders. These designees are required to earn a minimum of 30 CE credits each reporting period. Any deficiency in one reporting period must be made up by the next reporting period in addition to the full credit requirement for that period. Non-compliance will be subject to sanctions. Sanctions will be determined by the Education Management Council.

Please note that the reporting period for all first-time designees does not start until 2 years after the designation was completed. Each student has a moratorium within the year of completion. For example: All students who attained their designation in the year 2008 would have a two year period until December 31, 2010, after which their reporting period would run from January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2012. (Note also that any students with designations before 2008(Base Year), would also fall into this reporting period)

If the agent loses the designation they cannot continue to use it until the designation is reinstated. Anyone who does not satisfy the requirements of the CE Credits for the renewal of their designation will first have 90 days grace period to make up the shortfall. In the absence of that there will be a revocation of their designation and the commencement of 2 years within which time they must make the 30 CE Credits for the reinstatement of their designation with the designation being reinstated at the time of completion, at any time during the 2 year period, with the approval of the Education Management Council.

Please note that designees bound by CARAIFA’s CE credit programme must earn continuing education (CE) credits-30 CE credits per reporting period from educational activities in acceptable subject matter areas. Designees with more than one designation may need only 30 credits to satisfy the requirements for both designations.

Designees who have earned all 30 CE credits through CARAIFA courses do not have to sign and file a Statement of Compliance. CARAIFA will record the credits and notify designees when they have met CE credit requirements. Designees who have not earned the full 30 credits through CARAIFA are required to file a signed Statement of Compliance and should be ready to independently verify credits if audited.

Things to note

  • CE credits would only be enforced to maintain the LUTCF , FSS and FSCP designations.
    • Exemption may be granted to designees aged 60 or older who have complied with CARAIFA’s CE credit requirements for at least two reporting periods. They may request Emeritus status, which means they no longer need to report CE activities. In addition, for reasons of hardship or disability, designees may request a temporary exemption for the current reporting period only. Each case must be presented in writing and will be reviewed by the Education Management Council.
    • Exemption may be granted if you are a CARAIFA LUTCF/FSS/FSCP designation holder who is currently NOT in the businesses of financial services, employee benefits, insurance and health care AND is NOT LICENSED as an Agent in your territory. In which case the exemption is granted for a given reporting period and is not permanent. You are still required to renew this status, if it remains applicable, every two years up until the time you can qualify for the CARAIFA Emeritus Status.

Designees who wish to apply for an Exemption/Emeritus Status through CARAIFA are required to file a completed Status Form and should be ready to furnish proof for approval.

  • Credit requirement of 30 credits (not hours) every two years for all members.
  • A student can attend one seminar and attain credit for both designations.

Courses in the following subject matter are acceptable for CE credits:

Disability Income Insurance

Long-Term Care

Business Law

Accumulation Planning

Medical Expense Insurance

Financial Planning

Business Ethics

Retirement Planning

Property and Liability Insurance


Estate Planning


Actuarial Science

Client Planning


Employee Benefit Planning


Group Insurance

Business Planning


Financial Institutions




Life Insurance

Risk Management


Insurance Company Operations

Health Insurance