CARAIFA - Caribbean Association Of Insurance & Financial Advisors

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CARAIFA Foundation

CARAIFA Foundation

The aim:-

1. Intensify all efforts to alert the population in all territories on the need to prevent kidney disease
2. To identify and pursue methods to strengthen the delivery of renal heath care in member states
3. To actively pursue and encourage transplantation as a method of kidney care
4. To improve the lives of patients and their families throughout the region
5. To fund research and disseminate information on our regional experiences

What makes the situation urgent is the fact that the prevalence of kidney disease in the region is certain to increase. PAHO, in reporting on its Meeting of Expert Working Group for Non-Communicable Disease Prevention and Control in the Caribbean identified diabetes and hypertension as among the leading causes of death in the region, and that the instances of these diseases were increasing. Among the main causes of kidney failure are diabetes and hypertension – these bed-fellows account for 60% of kidney failure. The reality then is that the greater the incidences of these two silent killers the more prevalent will be kidney complications and, subsequently, death.

Caribbean Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, CARAIFA, felt compelled to lend our support to efforts towards regional kidney awareness.

Transplant Priority
Priority should be given to a transplant program and the region needs to improve its capacity to pursue such right now. Among the needs would be infrastructure, trained medical specialists and supporting staff, adequate operating facilities and the appropriate harvesting procedures for available organs.

Regional Financial Capacity
The cost to help kidney sufferers alive has been cited as being extremely high. In Barbados the annual cost to keep one patient on dialysis treatment is U.S $25,000.00. For the 100 persons or so on dialysis treatment that figure stands at U.S. $2.5 million. How many of our small Caribbean economies can afford to provide this level of support for a small segment of their population? What is the cost for a large territory like Jamaica with a proportionate population percentage on dialysis treatment? Is there any wonder then that governments do not give this ailing sector much priority?

The value of Life
The cost will be high but the value of a life can not be measured by dollars and cents.
It is our hope that persons and institutions, both regional and international, will join our efforts and give generous support of ideas, funds and facilities.

Renal Care Facilities
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